Quick Wins

Quick Wins:
  • Take your own lunch to work - it's difficult to find instant food not in plastic packaging
  • Turn off the oven and hob 5 minutes early and let the residual heat finish the cooking
  • Check ingredients for palm oil
  • Boil the water you need for hot drinks
  • Set up a WhatsApp group with neighbours for borrowing tools etc.
  • Take broken electrical goods to a repair cafe
  • Wash full loads of clothes and the dishwasher - don't overfill though or things won't get clean
  • Reuse the lids from coffee and gravy granules for tins of beans and soup
  • Limit showers in time and water flow
  • Use plastic clips of end of broken clothes hangers for food sealing
  • Cook with a pressure cooker for both a saving in energy, time and cost
  • Reduce business travel with conference calls
  • Use a water butt for watering the garden
  • Cancel junk mail
  • Check energy efficiency of electrical items before purchase
  • Use a plastic filter bag in your washing machine to stop microplastics
  • Use loose leaf tea instead of tea bags which mostly contain plastic
  • Donate unused clothes
  • Use lemon peel to clean the microwave and cooker tops
  • Carry a refill bottle
  • Send old bedding and towels to animal shelters

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