plastic free fire starter for barbecues
plastic free fire starters for barbecues

Woodson Eco Friendly Fire Starter x 6

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This product is perfect all year round whether you need to get the barbecue going in the summer, the wood burner in the winter or the bonfire in November! A plastic and chemical free fire starter, just right to get that initial fire burning for long enough to heat up the coals or get the wood alight.

Why we love this product:

  • Plastic & chemical free
  • Made from sustainable wood and cardboard only
  • Great design - arranged in an clever tipi shape to optimise efficiency
  • Easy to use - simply light the wood shavings inside the cone and step back
  • Comes with a small box of matches included so this little kit is all you need to get started

Each plastic free cardboard box contains 6 fire starters, just 75p to start an odourless, chemical free fire.

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