Childrens bamboo toothbrush - red
Childrens bamboo toothbrush - red

Childrens bamboo toothbrush - red

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The perfect alternative to the plastic toothbrush and perfect to get children in to the mindset of using alternatives to plastics at an early age! 

At just 15cm in length and with an ergonomic handle it makes them perfect for a child's hand and mouth.  The bristles are softer than the adult brushes so will not aggravate the gums.

We love this product because:

  • 100% bio-degradable handle
  • Encourages plastic free living in children
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Georganics brand
  • Excellent value

Look out for more colours in the near future!

When the toothbrush bristles are worn then you can use the toothbrush for the following:

  • Use with water and bicarbonate of soda to remove stains from clothes or trainers
  • Clean hard to reach places – behind taps, vents, car wheels, bicycle components, car interiors
  • Revive grout between tiles, old jewelry, the dog’s nails and feet  
  • When the brush is beyond cleaning, remove the bristles with pliers and then use the bamboo stick as a plant marker