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Re-Wrapped Bees Bundle Wrapping Paper & Tags Set x 3 - Green Alternatives
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recycled gift wrap
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Re-wrapped wrapping paper
Re-wrapped gift wrap
eco friendly gift wrap

Re-Wrapped Wrapping Paper & Tags Set x 3 | Various Designs

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Did you know that most wrapping paper is non-recyclable and contains plastic? We have the answer... Finally - an eco friendly wrapping paper alternative!

Re-Wrapped are a London based company who sell beautifully designed recycled wrapping paper with designs made in house and by designers Kate Heiss, Vicky Scott and Sophie Botsford. 

We stock our favourite selection of the Re-Wrapped designs, in packs of 3 with tags for added value. 

Why we love this product:

  • Printed on 50cm x 70cm 100gsm sheets of uncoated recycled paper
  • Made entirely from post consumer waste with pulp that has not been bleached
  • Produced and printed in the UK using environmentally friendly vegetable inks
  • Bundles are packaged in fully bio-degradable corn starch pockets
  • 5% of all Re-Wrapped profits go back to charity


  • Bee Bundle

This bundle consists of 3 sheets with tags in the popular Bees design by Sophie Botsford. 

  • Dotty Bundle 

This bundle consists of 3 sheets with tags (Red, Green and Purple)  designed by Re-Wrapped.

  • Birds Bundle 

This bundle consists of 3 sheets with tags (Flamingos, Bunting & Birds of Paradise) by designer Vicky Scott.

  • Animal Bundle 

This bundle consists of 3 sheets with NO tags (Baby Elephants, Hot Air Balloons and New Baby Unicorns).

  • Yellow Floral Bundle 

This bundle consists of 3 sheets with tags (Roses, Hollyhock & Cottage Garden) designed by Kate Heiss.

  • Blue Floral Bundle 

This bundle consists of 3 sheets with tags (Blue Hollyhocks, Seed Heads & Tropical) designed by Kate Heiss.

It feels wrong to wrap a present in eco wrapping paper and stick together with plastic sticky tape. Why not purchase with our Paper Tape for a 100% biodegradable gift wrap!