beeswax block
vegan wax refresher block

Beeswax and Vegan wax Blocks - Multipurpose waxing blocks

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Beeswax Block

This is a 28g block of nothing but beeswax, collected from Bristol bees and then collected by us on bicycle so another product with a low carbon footprint.

Vegan Wax Block

The vegan block contains sunflower wax, sumac wax, rice bran wax, hydrogenated castor oil, organic jojoba oil and pine resin.

The blocks can be used to make your own wraps or revitalise the ones you already own.  It can also be used for a number of other purposes:

  • Use as a lubricant on moving parts like drawers and hinges
  • Keep garden tools rust free
  • Waterproofing shoes or clothing
  • Make you own lip balms or creams
  • Batik

There are many websites out there with pages dedicated to the multi uses for beeswax/vegan wax so a really useful, natural product to have in your house, garage, shed.