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Bamboo Dish Brush Set | 6 Piece Set

Bamboo Dish Brush Set | 6 Piece Set

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Eco washing up brushes by Jungle Culture are ethically produced using a combination of fast-growing bamboo and natural sisal fibres.

Our complete eco kitchen cleaning brush sets are designed to tackle any cleaning job in your kitchen! Our 5 piece set includes different types of natural washing up brushes and scrubbers to use with stubborn pots and pans as well as an organic hemp fibre cloth for delicate glassware.

Traditional plastic dish brush sets create a ton of waste and are often thrown away after a few short uses.

Our reusable dish brushes and zero waste kitchen utensils are designed to scrub and scour again and again, making them the most sustainable dish cleaning brush set in the UK.


1 x Bamboo palm zero waste scrubber brush

1 x Plastic-free bamboo dish brush

1 x Coconut fibre bottle brush

1 x Coconut fibre eco pan scourer brush

1 x Replacement head for bamboo pot scrubber brush

1 x Hemp & organic cotton dish cloth sponge

Size: 376g / 13.2oz
Dimensions:  27cm x 15cm x 5cm


Bamboo, coconut fibre, sisal fibre, hemp, cotton