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Eco Living Dish Washing Soap Bar

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  • Eco Living Dish Washing Soap Bar: Clean dishes, healthy kitchen
  • Give your dish sponge the night off
  • Cut through tough food deposits
  • Made in the UK with eco-conscious ingredients

For the eco-conscious household, our dishwashing soap bar is a simple and effective way to clean your dishes. Made with an organic seaweed extract that penetrates into your dishes, this soap will cut through even the toughest of food deposits without harsh chemicals. You'll get sparkling clean glasses and a healthy kitchen environment when you replace your dirty dish sponge with our dishwashing soap bar which has no artificial dyes or perfumes. Eco Living Dish Washing Soap Bar is the perfect alternative to plastic dish soap bottles! This all-natural, organic, and vegan dishwashing soap bar is made right here in the UK. The bars are a convenient size for storing in your kitchen cupboard or on your sink so they're always at hand when you need them. To use just rub your dish cloth or sponge on the bar and continue as normal. And don't worry about any leftover water - because of the natural ingredients it can be used to water plants after cleaning dishes!


Organic Coconut Oil, Naturally Occurring Glycerin, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate (derived from coconut oil), Sodium Carbonate

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