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Dryer Balls Made From Waste & Organic Cotton -Pack Of 2 | Green Alternatives

Dryer Balls Made From Waste & Organic Cotton -Pack Of 2

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These dryer balls are on a mission to transform laundry from a chore into an eco-friendly experience. Made from recycled organic cotton fibers, these two unassuming balls reduce drying time and static cling while keeping energy costs—and your carbon footprint—in check. Simply toss these little wonders into the dryer with your wet clothes, and their nubby surface helps separate fabrics so hot air can circulate better, cutting down on drying time by up to 25 percent. The end result? Softer, fresher-smelling laundry in record time. When you pull your clothes from the dryer, you'll be rewarded with fewer wrinkles and less static cling thanks to these dryer balls' natural softening powers. Best of all, these dryer balls last for over 1,000 loads, so you can feel good about saving energy and money with every eco-friendly cycle. Small but mighty, these dryer balls prove that big sustainability comes in small packages.