Kraft paper adhesive tape
Kraft paper adhesive tape
Paper Tape - 24 and 50mm Eco Sticky Tapes - Green Alternatives

Paper Tape | 24 and 50mm Eco Sticky Tapes

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Can you imagine a life without paper tape? We can't either. But we've discovered that most people don't know how to use it properly. That's why we created an easy-to-follow video showing the best ways to use this must-have office supply. This all-purpose tape is made of durable polypropylene (PP) and can be used for a variety of jobs around the office or home. Its transparent brown color matches well with file folders, and it features a peel-off backing that's easy to remove, allowing you to close the tape seamlessly on any folder or notebook.

  • Perfect for taping up those large boxes for shipping.
  • It's super sticky, without the stickiness.
  • Easy to attach and adjust.

Did you know that there are alternatives to plastic sticky tapes out there? This self adhesive brown paper eco-tape is available in 24mm (standard Sellotape size) and 50mm (standard packaging tape size).

Why we love this product:

  • Made entirely from renewable kraft paper
  • 100% recyclable
  • No need to remove from packaging before recycling, just leave it on and the whole lot can be recycled together!
  • The natural rubber based adhesive is really sticky so no peeling off like some other plastic versions
  • Vegan
  • Made in EU/UK

This tape is the perfect accompaniment to our Eco Wrapping Paper range as a fully eco-friendly gift wrapping option.

These tapes are 50 metres long meaning you won't run out any time soon.

Available as a single purchase or as a value pack of 3!