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Lib & Tee Resusable sikicone nipple covers | Green Alternatives

Lib & Tee Resusable sikicone nipple covers

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When fashion calls, lib & tee answer. Their ultra-thin, reusable silicone nipple covers are your hush-hush styling secret for even the trickiest tops. These discreet little lifesavers create a smooth silhouette under anything sheer, backless or plunging. Made of a flexible, form-fitting [material] blend, they’re so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them. But your wardrobe won’t—these nipple covers open up a whole new world of outfit possibilities. Stop stressing about straps or coverage and start focusing on the fun parts of getting dressed. Lib & teee have you covered so you can uncover whatever look makes you feel gorgeous and confident. After the party’s over, just pop them in the wash for a fresh start next time. Who knew fashion could feel so freeing? With lib & teee, style has never felt so effortless or looked so chic.