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Lifebuoy Hand Gel- 50ml | Green Alternatives

Lifebuoy Hand Gel- 50ml

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This palm-sized lifesaver is here to ensure germs don't get the upper hand. Green Alternatives' Lifebuoy Hand Gel packs a hygienic punch in just 50ml, destroying up to 99. % of germs and leaving your hands refreshed. Infused with a [material] blend, this non-sticky formula glides on clear and dries in seconds, so you can get on with your day without missing a beat. Don't let its small size fool you—this mighty mini is formulated to moisturize while it disinfects, keeping hands soft even after frequent use. Perfect for packing in purses, pockets, and desk drawers, Lifebuoy Hand Gel lets you practice perfect hygiene anytime, anywhere. When soap and water aren't options, this germ-fighting gel is your on-the-go ally against illness-causing invaders. For cleanliness confidence in the palm of your hand, Lifebuoy Hand Gel delivers defense and softness in one.