Georganics mouthwash tablets
Georganics mouthwash tablets
Georganics mouthwash tablets
Mouthwash Tablets - Spearmint - Green Alternatives

Mouthwash Tablets | Spearmint

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This is the perfect replacement for the plastic bottles of mouthwash you get in the supermarkets where the vast majority of the product you are buying is just water!

These tablets are made from natural, food grade and non-toxic ingredients with a fluoride, glycerine and SLS free formula. The tablets help restore a pH balance as well as maintaining fresh breath.

Simply add a tablet in 20ml of water, by the time you have finished brushing your teeth it should be fully dissolved and ready for use.  Swill around your mouth for 30 seconds like a traditional mouthwash and spit out when done.

The jar is glass, the lid is aluminium and the box is compostable cardboard with vegetable ink.

Don't forget to buy a Dental Tablet Travel Tin for when you are on the move - pop in the amount of tabs you need for your break and save space in your luggage!


Sodium Bicarbonate^, Tartaric Acid^, Sodium Benzoate^, Natural Colourings*^, Menthol^, Thymol^, Spearmint Flavouring*^.

*Natural Origin  ^Food Grade

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