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Ocean Saver Compostable Sponges -Pack Of 5 | Green Alternatives

Ocean Saver Compostable Sponges -Pack Of 5

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These eco-friendly sponges are here to scrub your troubles away—without costing the earth. Made from plant materials and natural fibers, this compostable 5-pack replaces plastic sponges that pollute our oceans and never biodegrade. Their soft, durable construction tackles your toughest messes with ease, whether you're conquering last night's baked-on lasagna pan or wiping up a wine spill on the counter. When their work is done, simply toss them in the compost or food waste bin where they'll break down naturally. No more non-biodegradable sponges clogging landfills or littering beaches. Help make a sea of change with these ocean-saving sponges—your kitchen and Mother Nature will thank you. Small changes can have a big impact, so grab this eco-conscious 5-pack today and scrub with purpose. Our future depends on it.