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Pop-Up Sponges -100% Plant Based - 10 Sponges | Green Alternatives

Pop-Up Sponges -100% Plant Based - 10 Sponges

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Pop into a greener clean with these eco-friendly sponges. Made from plant-based materials, this 10-pack of sponges is as gentle on the planet as it is on your dishes. Their soft, absorbent foam soaks up messes in a flash and resists stains and odors, so your sponges stay fresh between uses. When it’s time for a replacement, just toss the used sponges in the compost—they’re 100% biodegradable. Small but mighty, these little green helpers make quick work of your daily dishwashing duties while keeping excess waste out of landfills. Your conscience can rest easy knowing you’ve made the sustainable switch. For an all-natural clean and an abundance of suds, pop in these plant-powered sponges and let the eco-friendly dishwashing begin!