bamboo make up pads

Reusable Bamboo Makeup Pads with Wash Bag

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Fed up of disposable cotton face wipes? Well this pack of 5 bamboo fibre makeup wipes is just what you need for your daily skincare routine.

Simply use these super soft bamboo pads with your choice of cleanser, face wash or makeup remover, just as you would a cotton pad, but instead of throwing in the bin when used, throw it in the washing machine and there you have it - your very own never-ending supply of makeup wipes! 

Did you know that bamboo also has natural anti-fungal qualities which help keep your skin nourished and healthy? Not only are these wipes good for the planet by reducing your waste, good for the bank account by reducing your expenses, but they are also good for your skin too.

This pack of 5 pads comes in a handy mesh bag, great for storage and for on the move, or even to pop dirty ones in whilst in the washing machine so that you don't lose them!

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