set bamboo toothbrushes, 4 different colours
close up of 4 different bamboo toothbrush colours
pink bamboo toothbrush
yellow bamboo toothbrush
green bamboo toothbrush
blue bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush Multipack

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This set of 4 different coloured bamboo toothbrushes are perfect for the family or if you want to stock up and take advantage of the better value price.

These toothbrushes work in exactly the same way as a traditional plastic ones but these are mostly biodegradable.  

The bristles are nylon like a traditional brush so this part is not recyclable, at the time of writing the only ones we have come across that are not nylon are pig hair!

The brush comes in 4 different colours, if you want a set of 4 then this will work out cheaper.  The toothbrushes come in cardboard packaging only so no excessive throwaway plastic there either.

In the spirit of being as eco friendly you could always make the most out of the toothbrush by using for one of the following after the bristles are worn:

  • Use with water and bicarbonate of soda to remove stains from clothes or trainers
  • Clean hard to reach places - behind taps, vents, car wheels, bicycle components, car interiors
  • Revive grout between tiles, old jewellery, the dog's nails and feet
  • When the brush is beyond cleaning, remove the bristles with pliers and then use the bamboo stick as a plant marker