set of 12 red christmas decorations
set of 12 white wooden christmas decorations
Sets of Christmas Hanging Decorations
set of 8 christmas scene hanging wooden decorations
hanging reindeer christmas decorations

Sets of Christmas Hanging Decorations

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These sets of 12 and 8 wooden decorations are the perfect eco accessories for your tree. 

Sets of 12:

  • Red set of 4 x stars, 4 x hearts and 4 Christmas trees, each decoration is around 6 x 6 cm.  These are predominantly red with white have red string.
  • White set, same as above but predominately white with red pattern
  • Snowmen set has 6 snowmen with three different styles and 6 snowflakes, snowmen are about 6cm and snowflakes are 5cm. 

Sets of 8

  • Reindeer scene - 6 cm circular decorations of a plain wooden or red disc with white dots and a white or plain wooden silhouette over laying it showing a reindeer and tree.  The set is in a recyclable card box.
  • Nordic reindeer - This set has 2 styles of reindeer, one with a heart and red pattern and one with a snowflake and green pattern.  They are 55cm from tail to nose and