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Spontex Washups - 4 pack | Green Alternatives

Spontex Washups - 4 pack

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When spills and splatters strike, you need a sponge squad at the ready. Enter the Spontex Washups, a four-pack of ultra-absorbent sponges poised to tackle any mess. Made of an eco-friendly blend, these dual-duty sponges are equally adept at wiping up counters and scrubbing pans, with a durable, textured side for stuck-on debris and a soft side for delicate tasks. Once cleaning's done, simply wring out excess water and these super sponges are ready to spring back into action. And when it's time to retire the troops, just recycle the packaging and sponges to keep waste at bay. For a sparkling space and a spotless finish every time, enlist the absorbent power and sustainable smarts of the Spontex Washups. Cleaning up has never felt—or looked—so good.