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Vely Soapery - Amelie | Green Alternatives

Vely Soapery - Amelie

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Handcrafted from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, Amelie soap from Vely Soapery is an artisanal indulgence for your skin and senses. This cold-process soap bar lathers into a creamy wash that gently cleanses while nourishing your body from head to toe. Infused with essential oils and botanicals, Amelie soap has delicate floral notes with hints of citrus for an uplifting aroma to brighten your shower experience. Made by hand in small batches, each soap bar is a unique work of art that transforms an everyday routine into a luxurious escape. Pamper yourself with Amelie’s all-natural formula—your skin will feel soft, smooth and refreshed, while your mind delights in a moment of blissful calm. For skin and soul, this handcrafted soap is self-care simplified.