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Plastic Free Tips

eco tips plastic free


1. Buy loose fruit and veg

It can be convenient to grab a bag of pre-packed apples, but all that single use plastic ends up in the bin once you get home! Instead, take along your reusable produce bag and choose the loose fruit and veg at the supermarket or green grocers, a simple swap which can have a huge impact on your weekly plastic consumption.

You can purchase a reusable produce bag from our website here.

2. Use reusable cling film alternatives

Did you know that there are a range of cling film alternatives out there? From stretchy silicone lids to beeswax wraps, you will find there are plenty of great options out there for you to make the change from cling film - you won’t even miss it when it’s gone!

Take a look at our beeswax wraps here.

3. Swap washing up liquid for washing up soap bars

Try switching to solid washing up liquid to reduce the amount of plastic bottles you get through. Washing up bars work just the same as liquid, and can even be dissolved in a bottle of water if you prefer a liquid.

Try a washing up bar here.

4. Find your nearest zero waste shop for bulk buying dry foods

Zero waste shops are getting more and more popular these days, do some research and discover what options there are in your local area. Once you’ve found your zero waste shop, take jars to fill up with dry goods such as pasta, rice, cereals, flour, sugar and so much more completely plastic free!

5. Bring back the milk man

Avoid plastic milk cartons by subscribing to milk deliveries. These days, milk delivery services offer more than just cow’s milk, with vegan milk alternatives and even fruit juices or pastries on offer! A great way to get fresh milk and produce delivered straight to your door in the morning in glass bottles which will then be reused – can it get any better?

6. Natural rubber gloves

Protect your hands while washing up with some plastic free rubber gloves.

Take a look at our range of sizes here.

7. Switch to refillable and biodegradable cleaning products

Try refilling your cleaning products at the zero waste shop, or look into subscriptions services which offer refills to eco friendly cleaning products. We love Ocean Saver’s range of cleaning liquids which you can purchase here but there are plenty of other eco friendly cleaning product companies such as Ecover and Smol.

8. Choose compostable sponges and cloths which don’t shed micro plastics

Did you know that most ordinary sponges and cloths are made from plastics which shed invisible micro plastics into your sink, contaminating your waterways? Instead, choose compostable sponges and cloths which are durable as well as eco friendly!

See our range of eco cleaning alternative including compostable sponges, cloths, scrubbing pads and more here.


1. Ditch the unnecessary plastic bottles for soap and shampoo bars

Such a simple swap like this can drastically reduce your plastic consumption! Instead of bottled soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioners, purchase solid bars which are free from plastic packaging. Solid soap and shampoo bars are often made from more natural ingredients and so are even better for your skin and hair as well as the planet. They also tend to last longer as they are easier to portion control, and so you end up getting more for your money! If you do prefer liquid soaps and shampoos, why not purchase a solid bar and just dilute with hot water in a shampoo or soap bottle?

Check out our Soap & Shampoo Collection for an array of natural, handmade solid soaps, shaving bars, shampoos and conditioners!

2. Give reusable or plastic free sanitary products a try

Menstrual products can be really bad for single use plastics, with unrecyclable wrapper and applicators. There are many types of eco menstrual products out there to suit any preference, from reusable and washable sanitary pads, reusable menstrual cups, and bamboo pads and tampon wrapped in plastic free packaging. Do some research and find the right products for you!

You can browse our selection of sanitary products here.

3. Swap your plastic loofah for a natural loofah

Plastic loofahs may be reusable but they shed micro plastics into our waterways, and will be around for hundreds of years to come when they reach the end of their life. Natural loofahs are made from the loofah plant which is in the cucumber plant family, and so are completely compostable when they reach the end of their life. Durable and long lasting, natural loofahs really are an excellent swap for your bathroom routine!

Purchase your natural loofah here.

4. Switch to plastic free dental care

Whilst bamboo toothbrushes are not completely plastic free, they are a great way to reduce you plastic consumption in the bathroom. When you need to move on to a new toothbrush, simply pull out the nylon bristles with a pair of pliers, dispose of the bristles in your general waste bin and put the bamboo handle in your garden waste bin for composting!

There are plenty of other plastic free dental products to explore such as solid toothpaste tablets, solid mouthwash tablets, silk dental floss and much more.

See our range of eco dental products here.

5. Use bamboo cotton buds

We all remember that photograph of a sea horse clinging on to a plastic cotton bud. Bamboo cotton buds are an easy way to help the situation with no noticeable difference to the product at all!

Our bamboo cotton buds are completely biodegradable and plastic free, check them out here.

6. Buy reusable make up wipes

Reusable make up wipes are a great way to save money and avoid plastic packaging. Simply apply your make up remover to your fabric make up round and use as normal, then instead of throwing in the bin, throw in your laundry basket and wash with your clothes to be used again and again!

Our handmade pack of 5 reusable make up pads is all you need to get you started, check them out here.

7. Purchase a plastic free razor

Plastic free steel safety razors or bamboo razors are an excellent alternative to disposable plastic ones. They last longer and are cheaper in the long run, only needing to change the blade instead of the whole razor when it becomes blunt. You can also purchase rather fancy safety razors which would make an excellent gift for you loved one for their next birthday!


1. Preparing your lunches before you go out

It can be easy to forget your lunch when out and about, and when you can just buy and meal deal from your local supermarket then it’s no big deal. But simply preparing a lunch before you go out for the day can dramatically reduce the amount of plastic packaging you purchase. It does take a little more planning, but once you get into the habit of preparing your lunches for you days out, then it is no effort at all!

Take a look at our Bamboo Lunchboxes and Stainless Steel Lunchboxes to start your new good habits today!

2. Bring plastic free cutlery out with you

So you’ve prepared your lunch but forgotten your cutlery so you have to pop to the supermarket to get one of their disposable plastic forks. Instead, always carry some cutlery in your bag. Not metal cutlery as this can be heavy and inconvenient, but reusable bamboo or wheat fibre cutlery can be a great lightweight alternative to keep in your bag at all times for just such an occasion!

Check out our reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set with Fabric Pouch and Wheat Straw Cutlery Set and Case for some perfect travel options.

3. Use plastic free BBQ essentials

At your next BBQ, try to dodge single use plastics by avoiding disposable barbecues, purchasing eco friendly fire lighters without unnecessary plastics, and also using plastic free alternatives to disposable plates, bowls and cutlery. Did you know that even paper plates have a plastic film on them making them unrecyclable and non-biodegradable? Instead, use washable plates, bowls and cutlery or if you are unable to then opt for wheat fibre or other plastic free options which are completely compostable.

Explore our Barbecues & Picnics Collection for eco friendly BBQ options, perfect for your next gathering, party or occasion!

4. Invest in a reusable coffee cup

If you are a fan of takeaway coffees, then a reusable coffee cup or flask can be a great investment. Not only does it reduce the amount of plastic coated paper cups and plastic lids you purchase, but often coffee shops offer a discount if you bring along your own cup, a win for you and a win for the planet!

Our Reusable Travel Cups are made from rice husks, making them reusable but also completely compostable at the end of their life, unlike a lot of reusable coffee cups out there. Choose from a range of designs and colours to find the one perfect for you…

5. Get into the habit of using a reusable water bottle

It is good to get into the habit of taking a reusable water bottle out with you when you leave the house in order to reduce the risk of you needing to purchase a plastic bottle of water while out and about. Once you get into this habit, you will never be caught short, keeping you hydrated, your water cool if you choose a metal bottle, and reducing your plastic bottle consumption – there really is no downside! You can purchase a range of sizes and colours, so you can find the perfect water bottle for you.

6. Avoid using plastic plant pots and nursery pots when gardening

When doing the gardening this summer, try to avoid using plastic nursery pots and plant pots. Instead you can purchase compostable coir pots which can be planted straight into soil, providing your seedling with extra nutrients and minerals! An ideal alternative to unrecyclable plastics.

7. Try compostable dog poo bags

You no longer have to choose between your pooch and planet! Try compostable dog poo bags made from completely plant based materials. As a dog owner, you can get through 2, 3 and even 4 dog poo bags every day, this is single use plastic which ends up being incinerated, releasing harmful gases into our atmosphere. Choosing plant based bags is such a simple swap which reduces this daily use of plastic to zero!

Check out our compostable dog poo bags here.

8. Plastic free sun cream is out there!

Sun cream is a summer essential, even in the cloudy UK you can burn! Well now you can get a plastic free, natural sun cream – Shade. Made from non toxic, all natural ingredients and packaging in a handy metal tin, this sun cream is a plastic free essential this summer.

Take a look at Shade sun cream here.

9. Stainless steel clothes pegs will last you a lifetime

You might be hanging up your washing more outside now that the weather is slowly becoming warmer, and might be in need of some more clothes pegs. Well instead of plastic pegs which break easily and will remain on the planet for hundreds of years, try stainless steel pegs! Stainless steel pegs are guaranteed not to break and can last a lifetime, but if they do break somehow they are completely recyclable.

Check out our stainless steel pegs here.

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