About Us

We are a husband and wife team based in Bristol. We have a young family and were appalled by the amount of un-recyclable waste that we were generating with little people around. We started taking small steps to move towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and realised very quickly that multiple small changes can have a huge impact. We feel passionate about educating others towards a greener living and decided to take the next step - Green Alternatives Ltd was born!

Green Alternatives is an online eco shop and platform which aims to inform and educate other families like ourselves, offering environmentally friendly alternatives to essential household products along the way. We are not preachy, nor do we believe that you have to convert to the more extreme alternatives out there in order to make a difference. We are about making small changes and offering alternative solutions to your day to day choices, finding a happy balance in your busy lives. 

We offer a broad range of products from carefully selected suppliers and will be adding new products as we grow. We offer some of our own products and where others do it best, we sell their goods. Most of our products are made in the UK, sourcing local suppliers as much as possible. Where products are sourced overseas, we are open and honest about this and will inform you of how we have endeavoured to reduce our carbon footprint when purchasing these goods. Our business model is about balance, just as much as our lifestyle choices are too. Along with carefully selected products, we provide well sourced eco hints, tips, blogs and newsletters to give you all the resources you need to make informed and eco-conscious decisions and changes to your daily lives.

We hope that you enjoy our website, and don't forget to check back in regularly for new blogs and products!