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5 Amazon Alternatives You Should Know About...

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With a carbon footprint greater than Switzerland, paying no corporation tax, exploiting its workers and destroying millions of perfectly good stock merely because it costs them money to store them, Amazon's business model leaves a lot to be desired. Despite all of these points, Amazon continues to be one of the most successful companies worldwide to date, and that it because it is so convenient. But there are more ethical companies out there which deserve your money more! Companies which support independent sellers, pay their employees fair wages, and which care about the environmental impact of their companies. Here are just five of such companies which you should know about...


If you’re looking for a book, try Bookshop.org! An online platform supporting independent bookshops all over the country. If you want to support a specific bookshop, you can find them on the website and full profit from your purchase will go to your chosen shop. If you have no specific bookshop in mind, the profits from your purchase will be added to an earnings pool which is then split equally between all the bookshops on the site. A great Amazon alternative which supports independent bookshops all over the UK!


Etsy is a worldwide marketplace made up of hundred of sellers round the globe. A great platform for independent sellers, Etsy sells a wide array of products; from original artwork to gardening equipment; from craft supplies to baby shoes! Completely powered by renewable energy and with their ‘Guiding Principles’ at the heart of their business model, it’s hard to find fault with Etsy…

‘Our Guiding Principles:

We commit to our craft.
We minimise waste.
We embrace differences.
We dig deeper.
We lead with optimism.’

Ethical Superstore

A truly ethical super store! Each product and brand is carefully researched to ensure they are coming from an ethical source. With all products fitting into some or all of the following categories; Fair Trade, Organic, Eco Friendly, Education, Health & Wellness, Locally Produced, Charity. With clear information about each product and how they have earned the right to be on the Ethical Superstore, you can make informed purchases knowing that your money is going to a well deserving business. With a wide range of products available, you are sure to find something you will love!

Good Club

Looking for an ethical alternative to Amazon Pantry? This online grocery shop even has a zero waste section where products arrive in reusable packaging which you return to be used over and over again! With free delivery and a wide range of food and household essentials including dairy free, wheat free, gluten free, plastic free, Fair Trade, organic and vegan options, Good Club really is good for everyone!

Green Alternatives

Of course, we had be featured on this list! Set up in 2019 by a Bristol based husband and wife team, we are on a mission to make environmentally friendly household alternatives accessible and affordable. With a young family we were appalled by the amount of un-recyclable waste that we were generating with little people around. We started taking small steps to move towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle and realised very quickly that multiple small changes can have a huge impact. We feel passionate about helping others strive towards a greener way of living. We are not preachy, nor do we believe that you have to convert to the more extreme alternatives out there in order to make a difference. We are about making small changes and offering alternative solutions to your day-to-day choices, finding a happy balance in your busy lives. Our business model is about balance, just as much as our lifestyle choices are too!

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