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Earth Hour: 8:30pm 27th March 2021

Earth Hour: 8:30pm 27th March 2021

Earth Hour 2021

At 8:30pm on the 27th March 2021, you are invited to take part in Earth Hour. Initially started in 2007, Earth Hour was organised by WWF, asking the public to switch off their lights for an hour in recognition of the climate crisis; over a decade later the message is even more critical. More than a symbolic gesture, Earth Hour has engaged people all around the globe in environmental conversations and campaigns.

This year is slightly different, with the brand new project ‘Virtual Spotlight’. On the evening of the 27th March, a video (currently the content of which is secret) will be uploaded on social media by Earth Hour, and all we have to do is share it. This is a very easy way to get involved and ignite discussions among our friends, families and networks. The aim is to reach people who until now have not been particularly environmentally conscious, and possibly unaware of the catastrophic effects climate change is having on the natural world and our communities. It is also to increase momentum about the UN Biodiversity Conference on the 17th May which might see world leaders securing an international promise to preserve biodiversity and set to work restoring the natural world by 2030. In taking part in Earth Hour, you can make your voice heard and prove how passionately the public feels about environmental reform.

How can I get involved?

There really are so many fun ways to get involved and spread the word, for more ideas go to: https://latest.earthhour.org/earthhour-at-home?hsCtaTracking=19ae5736-45b6-4b93-88cd-88cc8ca1d699%7Cc980ae46-8b36-4ad4-8a22-8dbb5ca421d7

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