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Eco Father's Day Ideas

Father's Day

Eco Father's Day Ideas

With Father’s Day less than a week away, we thought we’d share some tips on how to have an eco friendly Father’s Day this Sunday!

  1. Buy eco friendly gifts

Even if your father isn’t too eco conscious, that doesn’t mean you can’t get him an eco friendly gift he will love! With so many environmentally friendly companies, you will be spoilt for choice…

A few products from Green Alternatives which we think he’d love are:

Check out our Gifts & Set Collection for more! If you don’t find what you’re looking for on Green Alternatives, why not check out Ethical Superstore’s Father’s Day Collection for a great range of dad-friendly eco gifts.

  1. Use eco friendly gift wrap

Even if you don’t purchase a particularly eco friendly gift, it doesn’t mean you can’t still reduce your plastic consumption! Eco friendly gift wrap is such a simple swap which is such a great habit to get in to. Check out our Re-Wrapped Wrapping Paper & Tags and our Paper Tape for some plastic free, biodegradable gift wrap options and why not take a look at our blog Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping while you’re there for more tips!

  1. Eco friendly activities

There are so many activities you can do which are also environmentally conscious this Father’s Day!

  • Have a family meal using only vegetables from your local green grocer’s, British meat from your local butcher’s and any baked goods from your local baker’s. Don’t forget you use a Food Produce Bag or Vegan Bread Wrap for a completely plastic free meal!
  • Go for a nature walk or hike – Don’t forget to bring your picnic with you to avoid needing to purchase plastic packaged food! See our Picnics & Barbecues Collection for some great picnic items.
  • Go apple or strawberry picking for a fun family activity! For a guide to farms near you see this guide here.
  • Play board games or card games – It can be a rare occasion when everyone in the family is away from screens and digital technology these days, and it can feel really special engaging with each other without technology! Get the old monopoly out and see where the game takes you…
  • Have a craft competition using only rubbish – Such a fun activity for children, and a great way to breathe new life into items which would otherwise end up in the bin! Turn that egg box into a spaceship, or that old bottle into a princess!
  • Go camping – With holidays abroad difficult to plan this year, take the family camping! It doesn’t have to be far from home (it could even be in the back garden!), but camping with the family can be such a fun experience and can really help you reconnect with nature and with each other without the presence of WiFi, TVs and computers!

However you choose to spend your Father’s Day, we hope you have a lovely day!

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