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Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping

Green Alternatives Ultimate Plastic Free Pamper Gift Set

It really has crept up on us this year, but Mothering Sunday is just a week away! I have got my Green Alternatives gift set, and now want to wrap it with the same eco-conscious spirit so thought I'd share with you how to wrap your gift Green Alternatives-style!

Green Alternatives Wrapping Paper

  1. Recyclable wrapping paper – Did you know that most wrapping paper you buy in the shops can’t be recycled? This is due to a layer of plastic which covers the paper to give it that glossy sheen. That is why we stock Re-Wrapped wrapping paper! Printed on 50cm x 70cm 100gsm sheets of uncoated recycled paper, made entirely from post-consumer waste with pulp that has not been bleached, produced and printed in the UK using environmentally friendly vegetable inks, this wrapping paper really has no downside! Each bundle of three sheets and gift tags are packaged in fully bio-degradable corn starch pockets, and as if they couldn’t get any better, 5% of all Re-Wrapped profits go back to charity! On the Green Alternatives website, you can choose from a range of our favourite Re-Wrapped wrapping paper designs for an affordable price!
  2. Paper tape – So you’ve got your recyclable wrapping paper, but you realise you have wrapped your gift using plastic sticky tape, making the paper non-recyclable! We at Green Alternatives recommend using paper tape to wrap your gift. This is a brilliant habit to get into, as paper tape is a fully recyclable and renewable alternative to plastic sticky tape. Made from natural rubber adhesive, this tape is completely vegan! You can purchase a range of sizes of paper tape from the Green Alternatives website, available as a single or value pack of three.
  3. Ties and decorations – Try tying your gift with string, fabric ribbon, wool or paper string as an alternative to plastic curling ribbon and stick-on bows. (Don’t forget to keep these to re-use for your next occasion!) For extra, natural decoration, slip a seasonal flower under the tie to really make the gift stand out! I have chosen a daffodil for my Mother's Day gift.

Green Alternatives Gift Wrap

It really is as easy as that to wrap a gift completely plastic-free, and eco-consciously! 

If you still haven’t bought your gift for Mother’s Day then check out the Green Alternatives website for gift vouchers, gift sets and many more eco-friendly products which your mum will love, take a look at our Gifts and Set Collection.

An alternative to wrapping paper is of course fabric wraps which can be used again and again for years! For more ideas, simply search Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese form of gift wrapping using fabrics. You can find many tutorials for how to tie your wraps online. 

Happy wrapping!


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