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Fun Films To Teach Children About The Environment

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Fun Films To Teach Children About The Environment



Lorax is about a young boy who grows up in a world without any real trees, as they have all been cut down. Resulting in evil people taking advantage of this and using it as a way to gain control over the city. By supplying them with the only fresh air they can get, as there are no more trees left.  

It shows how important trees are to humans and animals, as they are the lungs of the planet, and without them, we will all suffocate in our own pollution.  




FernGully: The Last Rainforest 

FernGully, is about fairies hidden in the rainforest, which loggers come to tear down, and destroy everything in its path. A human gets involved with the fairies and learns about nature, and how he’s causing her harm. The great actor Robin Williams voices a bat, that has escaped from a laboratory. It’s a fun exciting film, filled with singing and dancing. A must watch for any children, even adults will love this classic masterpiece.  



FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue 

This film is about, a lonely girl living in a circus, with her grandfather. She comes across fairies and helps them rescue the baby animals, who have been poached from the rainforest. Featuring original music and songs.  



Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who 

A friendly elephant comes across a flower, with a tiny speck on it. Which happens to inhabit an entire intelligent civilisation, of tiny whos, living in Whoville. The whos become in danger, when a Karen kangaroo, wants to rid of them, as Horton is the only one who can hear them, due to his enormous ears. He is their only hope of survival.  

This tale shows that it doesn’t matter how tiny you are, or how insignificant you may seem, you are worthy of life.  




A baby Spix's macaw, ends up in a cold and foreign place, but is taken in by a little girl called Linda. Once grown up, he is the last chance of survival of the Spix's macaws, without him, they would go extinct. He journeys to Brazil, on a mission, and ends up finding more than he bargained for.  



Rio 2 

Rio and his family travel to the Amazon rainforest, to find Linda and Tulio. They come upon a major discovery that will change everything for them. Helping Linda and Tulio fight off the illegal loggers in the Amazon. They find their inner strength and use it to protect their family, friends and home.  



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Fun Films To Teach Children About The Environment     Fun Films To Teach Children About The Environment

  Fun Films To Teach Children About The Environment

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