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How The Food Industry Is Destroying Your Health

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How The Food Industry Is Destroying Your Health

World War 1,1914-1918, caused economic problems in many countries, as Europe struggled to pay war debts and reparations, and Americans spent more than they earned, farmers faced low prices and heavy debt. These problems contributed to the crisis that began the Great Depression.  

 Although there was plenty of food to eat, people couldn’t afford to buy it, causing people to starve. So famers started going out of business until the farm bill, where Uncle Sam paid farmers not to grow so many crops, which kept supply down, and the prices steady for the farmers.  

After World War 2 things changed, new farming chemicals led to bigger harvests, and new petroleum fuelled machines were created to keep up with the surge. Starvation was history, yet the explosion of food into the marketplace, overwhelmed the government's ability to manage supply and demand.  

In the 1970’s Secretary of Agriculture Earl Butz had a different idea. In a complete 180 the government abandoned small farmers in favour of large mega farms that could churn out as much food as possible. All they had to do was find someone to eat this avalanche of cheap low-quality food. In just two generations a nation wracked by hunger ate its way into obesity, diabetes and all sorts of other health problems, including healthcare prices increasing. As the government always wants to monopolise on making as much money as they can, while causing as much devastation, and irreversible effects whether on humans' bodies, epigenetics or the Earth.  

The chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified food, caused there to be too many crops grown at once, which then caused the crops to be deficient in the minerals it would have had, had it not been for the 50 other crops stealing away from it, meaning the food is now empty calories, which has no nutritional value. The body to try and make up for this, increases hunger trying to get those minerals elsewhere, adding to the obesity epidemic. However, people keep eating processed nutritionally dead food, even if they go for the organic grown vegetables and fruit, the soil is completely depleted of all its minerals, as the farmers also keep growing on the same land over and over again, depleting it more.  

How The Food Industry Is Destroying Your Health

The best answer is to grow your own food, not only do you know where it comes from but it brings you closer to nature, and you won’t be using minerally deficient soil. The food won’t only taste better but be actually beneficial for you. If you don’t have the minerals in your body, it will start breaking down, which is why people keep getting diseases.  

How The Food Industry Is Destroying Your Health

Going back to our natural ways, cuts out all the processed food that causes harm to you that gives you nothing in return. There’s no more plastic, aluminium, cardboard, etc. Even the healthy foods such as smoothies and juices, have been pasteurised, which kills all the enzymes and minerals awhile being in a plastic bottle. Baby cows fed pasteurised milk die within three days, as there is no nutrition there.  

How The Food Industry Is Destroying Your Health

The best way is to go back to natural living either growing it your own, or going to farmers market, although you still have to be careful there, as people will buy food from the supermarkets and try to sell it as organic. Not only will you feel and look better, but your bank account will be happier too.  

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