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Our 5 Favourite Bamboo Products

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Bamboo is fast and easy growing, strong and incredibly versatile, making it a great sustainable and natural material for the production of many items. Here are just a few of our favourite bamboo products!

  1. Bamboo Toothbrushes

Our 5 Favourite Bamboo Products

Such a simple swap which saves on so much plastic waste. Once you are in need of a new toothbrush, just pull out the nylon bristles with a pair of pliers and throw the bamboo handle in you garden waste to biodegrade! Alternatively, why not repurpose the handle as a plant marker in your garden, or use it for arts and crafts?

With purchase options of individual medium bristle brushes, a multipack of 4, children’s toothbrushes and even a bamboo toothbrush travel case, you can find a bamboo toothbrush for all the family in our Dental Collection!

  1. Bamboo Menstrual Products

Our 5 Favourite Bamboo Products

Yes, you read that right – bamboo menstrual products! Want to have a period which doesn’t add to plastic pollution? Find menstrual cups uncomfortable?

Well, we have the answer! We stock FLO bamboo pads. Made from organically grown bamboo, they are biodegradable, breathable and silky soft. Each pack comes individually wrapped in plant-based bio-wrappers, enough for 1 month’s period. They are plastic, chemical, dye, pesticide, chlorine bleach and fragrance free and even PETA-certified vegan and cruelty free. With 5% of FLO profits going to the charities Orchid Project, Red Box Project and Bloody Good Period, they really are the gift that keeps on giving!

Choose from a pack of 24, or as a Day/Night Combo pack, and why not check out the organic cotton tampons also available in our Eco Menstrual Products Collection

  1. Bamboo Flannel

Tabitha Eve Bamboo Flannel

This Tabitha Eve bamboo flannel is soft as a feather, making it perfect for all the family and for every skin type. Bamboo has natural anti-fungal qualities making it perfect for keeping your skin healthy. Strong and durable, this flannel will last you years, but when it is beyond repair it is 100% compostable!

  1. Bamboo Golf Tees

Bamboo Golf Tees 

Are you, or someone you know, a keen golfer? These bamboo golf tees are a great alternative to conventional plastic ones. At 53mm and coloured bright white, they are easy to spot, but when they inevitably get lost, you can rest safe in the knowledge that they are 100% natural and compostable. Sold in packs of 12 with an optional aluminium case, these bamboo golf tees are a perfect plastic free option for the golfer in your life!

  1. Bamboo Washing Up Brush

Bamboo and Coconut Washing Up Brush

An absolutely essential item for any eco kitchen! This bamboo washing up brush comes in a choice of 2 shapes, one thin for getting into hard-to-reach places such as glasses and long cups, and one rounded for plates and flatter items. The handle is 100% bamboo and comfortable to hold, while the bristles are made from coconut fibres, making it completely plastic free. Durable and strong, you can make washing up easy and eco with this washing up brush!

Discover more bamboo products on our website!

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