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The Path To A Greener Planet

The path is to make simple changes and add to these over time. For example try and move away from plastic laundry bottles and pods many highly rated paper strips are available. I can assure you once you have tried you will not switch back! Your laundry is really clean and smells great - fresh linen is amazing.

Stainless steel clothes pegs are simple alternative to plastic ones. I have been using for many years. Do not rust, break or blow away in wind.

Aluminium Soap Tins are a great travel item - light, strong, and keep soap in perfection condition.

The days of packed lunches are changing with more working from home so why not prepare lunch early and pop in a bamboo lunch box. A stylish option for work or home and a more eco friendly option than a plastic container.

Vegan Soap Bars and Conditioners are long lasting and come in a fantastic range of scents. 



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