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Plastic-Free Eco Starter Kit | Green Alternatives

Plastic-Free Eco Starter Kit

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Do you or someone you know want to start making the change to a more plastic free lifestyle but not sure where to start?  Well we have put together this little collection of some of our favourite eco essentials to start you off on your eco journey!

This set includes:

  • Set of 3 Beeswax Wraps - These are the ideal replacement for clingfilm and will help you preserve the life of your food in the fridge or transport food easily
  • Mesh Produce Bag - 38x30cm certified cotton bag, perfect to take to your shop of choice and buy the loose fruit and veg without the need for the single use plastic bags provided
  • Friendly Soap Bar - Natural, homemade and vegan and cruelty free certified, the Friendly Soap range is the gift that keeps on giving! (Scent will be chosen at random, if you have a specific preference then please let us know!)
  • Coconut Scourer - Perfect replacement for the plastic washing up sponge, made from coconut fibres and fully compostable
  • Box of 100 Bamboo Cotton Buds - A simple eco swap which will benefit the planet
  • Bamboo Toothbrush - An essential for any eco-friendly bathroom

This set will be a great little starter or addition to anyone looking to work towards a better environment. All products are sold separately, for more information please see their individual product pages.

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