Stainless steel clothes pegs
Stainless steel clothes pegs
stainless steel clothes pegs
Stainless steel clothes pegs

Green Alternatives Stainless-Steel Clothes Pegs, Pack of 20/50.

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  • Quality steel clothes pegs at an affordable price.
  • More smooth and more beautiful than plastic or wooden clamps.
  • Clip integrated with spring design.
  • Heavy-duty clothes pegs are corrosion resistant and won't snap.
  • Solid and strong, these clothes pegs are perfect for the outdoors.
  • Comes in recyclable packaging

Look at these clothes pegs, aren't they amazing? They're so well-made; you won't ever have to worry about them snapping or breaking! Made from durable stainless steel, you'll always want to keep these around. With this design, it can hold more weight because the clip is integrated with the spring. It'll save you time having to adjust it after every use, and it looks great too! They're also rust-resistant and smoother than other materials such as wood or plastic. Made of durable materials, these clothes pegs can withstand any wear and tear.

Clothes Clips: They're solid and strong - You can use them to hold clothes on a line in the Heavy Wind, Not easy to slide, and are ideal for the backyard and outdoors. Besides hanging out clotheslines or sealing food with them; they're also great for holding papers together or clipping up pictures.

Don't you hate how clothes can easily snag onto objects?

Rust free, plastic-free, strong, and long-lasting, “No Frills” 100% recycled and recyclable packaging - these are just some of the features that make this product an easy buy for me. The fact that it comes in recyclable packaging is icing on the cake!

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