coconut and bamboo washing up brush
coconut fibre brush
coconut fibre brush

Green Alternatives Coconut and Bamboo Washing Up Brush

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  • Making your cleaning easier and more simple.
  • Made of natural coconut fiber & wood handle.
  • Made of high-quality bamboo.
  • Plastic-free kitchen product
  • Crafted from high-quality Eco-friendly natural plants

Our bamboo brushes are manufactured from renewable bamboo, coconut fiber, and sisal and they're made from extraordinary Eco-pleasant herbal plant life which can be created innocent situations in our life. Smooth surface, bamboo brush handles, cushy to grip without scratching your hand, and sturdy and smooth to use. Natural bamboo brushes, smooth to wash out stains and clean. Cast iron pots, Pans, Dishes, bowls, baking trays, meals garage containers, and veggies are sensible gear for each day's use to satisfy all of your cleansing desires in your kitchen.

A critical plastic-unfastened kitchen product! The brushes have easy bamboo handles with coconut fiber bristles wrapped around a steel twine. We have forms of bamboo washing-up brushes - each best for laundry up glasses and bottles.


  • Thin design - Overall length 25 cm, handle length 14cm, brush width 5.5cm - This design is just right to get to the bottom of glasses, long cups, or any other item where a hand and sponge can not reach.
  • Roundhead design - Overall length 23.5 cm, handle length 14.5 cm, brush width 8 cm - This design has a slightly flatter end ideal for plates or flatter items.

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