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Green Alternatives Wooden Multipurpose Kitchen Tongs

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  • For any cook - for grilling or baking
  • Multipurpose design - great for appetizers, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and more
  • Made from durable, high-quality materials
  • If you're worried about chemicals - these tongs are made from sustainable bamboo
  • The multipurpose design makes them perfect for any kitchen
  • Perfect for your BBQ needs


Our wooden kitchen tongs are an essential tool for any cook, whether it's grilling or baking. The long length of the tongs makes them perfect for handling foods that are on a grill or out of reach in your oven. All parts are made from high-quality natural ash wood and joined with safe eco glue; they contain no harmful additives and they're safe to use without impacting the health of your family. The multipurpose design is great for picking up appetizers, cheese, fruits, and vegetables from a platter and grabbing toast from the toaster--everything you need!

If you love cooking but hate having to use metal tongs for your food, then these wooden BBQ tongs are the perfect addition to your kitchen. They have a solid build and are lightweight which makes them easy to handle. The bamboo material is smooth and features a natural wood grain pattern that gives it an elegant look. These premium bamboo serving tongs can be used for picking eggshells out of freshly cracked eggs, getting hot toast or crumpets out of a toaster safely, turning food on a grill or frying pan safely, tossing salads with ease, and more! At 18 cm long and made of recycled materials, these little Tongs can be used for all the finishing touches when it comes to preparing food. So, if you're looking for something sustainable yet powerful, we've got just what you need.

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