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Bamboo Soap Dish - Slotted, Plain or Striped - Green Alternatives
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Bamboo Soap Dish - Slotted, Plain or Striped - Green Alternatives

Green Alternatives Bamboo Soap Dish, Slotted, Plain or Striped

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  • Small & Natural Wood Bamboo Soap Dish
  • An elegant, simple soap dish for everyone
  • Made of 100% natural bamboo
  • A timeless gift that never gets old

Green Alternatives Bamboo Soap Dish, Slotted, Plain, or Striped is made from high-quality bamboo wood material that is strong and long-lasting. The natural bamboo wood soap holder material adds a natural feel to your home cleaning activities. Inner ridges allow excess water to drain after use, extending the life of your small wooden soap dish holder. Our product is coated with waterproof paint to keep moisture out of the soap holder bamboo. Its original design blends perfectly with any space in your home or office: bathtub, shower, and kitchen or bathroom countertops It's a timeless and unique gift that is never boring or overdone!

Green Alternatives Bamboo Soap Dish is made of 100% natural bamboo. It blends elegance and simplicity with the warmth of natural materials, while still maintaining a chic appearance. The dish has drainage holes in the center to assist water drain off, keeping your soap bar dry and not a sticky mess! Durable little grippy feet will keep it in place as well. Perfect for use on bathroom countertops or any flat surface where you need an elegant soap dish that also provides maximum protection for your soap bars!

Size: 12 x 8cm 

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