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Eco Living Ocean Saver Cleaning Bottle and Refills

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  • Get sparkling clean surfaces without any nasty chemicals
  • The environmentally-friendly way to get squeaky clean surfaces
  • The safest, most sustainable cleaner for every surface in your home
  • Ocean saver pods contain plant-based ingredients

This is a great range of eco cleaning options and all in the form of small pods that just need to be added to water! Buying a new spray each time is not only costly to your pocket it is also costly to the environment when the vast majority of your purchase is the plastic bottle and water. Now you can save on this by just buying the active ingredient. Simply save your plastic spray bottle and then buy capsules for the desired purpose. If you don't have empty bottles, we have them available too - these are made from 100% recyclable materials so they last forever (if damaged, which will happen over time). This product has superior plant-based cleaning with zero waste! Help us rid our oceans of single-use plastics by using these refills. Drop, shake, and go clean! The Eco Living Ocean Saver Cleaning Bottle and Refills are the perfect cleaning solutions for your home. The ocean saver capsules contain plant-based ingredients that break down grease, grime, and dirt from all surfaces. A single capsule is enough to make 750ml of eco-friendly cleaner that's safe for use on any surface in your home! 

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