coconut washing up scourer/scrubber
Safix Coconut Fibre Scrub Pad/Scourer - Green Alternatives

Safix Coconut Fibre Scrub Pad/Scourer

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  • The fibers are safe for delicate surfaces and hard-to-reach places.
  • It is eco-friendly, no synthetic softeners added.
  • Safe and easy to use.
  • Eco-friendly solution for scrubbing pots and pans
  • Lasts longer than traditional scrubbers
  • Compatible with high-temperature washers
  • Safix Coconut Fibre Scrub Pad/Scourer is perfect for sustainable living

 Safix Coconut Fibre Scrub Pad/Scourer is a beautiful, eco-friendly alternative to disposable cleaning pads. It's made from renewable resources and will last longer than a traditional scrubber. Use it in place of a sponge or scouring pad to save cash on chemicals too! This green scrubbing tool can withstand high-temperature washing and is machine washable. It removes stubborn stains and food from pots, pans, and kitchen surfaces with ease. Made from organic coconut fiber, this scrub pad will be abrasive enough to clean as well as any other sponge or scourer without scratching your dishes or surfaces. This means you can save money on cleaning products while saving the environment. You'll also find it durable enough for daily use - even by those with sensitive skin! Use it in place of a sponge or scouring pad to save cash on cleaning chemicals too.

This scrub is odorless and plastic-free, so you can use it without worrying about bacteria buildup or contaminating other surfaces! It also rinses clean with just water and won't leave behind any residue once you're done using it. Even better - this scrub is non-absorbent, so it won't take up all the dirt on your hands! Finally, this pad won't leak out of the tray as most scrubs do!

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