beco compostable dog poo bags

Beco Home Compostable Poo Bags for Pets

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You no longer have to choose between the planet and your pooch!

The Beco poop bags are a fully home compostable plant based alternative to the plastic bags many dog and cat owners currently use.

These large corn starch bags are just as strong as their plastic alternative but will not be around for hundreds of years.  


  • Box of 48 bags - 4 rolls of 12 bags, each bag is 22 x 30cm
  • Box of 96 bags - 8 rolls of 12 bags, each bag is 22 x 30cm
  • Box of 96 bags with handles - The box acts as a dispenser as the bags are flat, each bag is 18 x 32.5cm

If a dog lives to 10 years and has one poo per day then we are looking at over 3500 bags during it's lifetime.  There are estimated to be nearly 9 million dogs in the UK alone so that is potentially 9 million bags going landfill per day, or 3,285,000,000 bags per year!  This is just from one relatively small country so we need to make sure as many of these  as possible are compostable.

Why not purchase with a handy Beco Poo Bag Dispenser?