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Oral B compatible brush heads - 2pack | Green Alternatives

Oral B compatible brush heads - 2pack

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Brushing your pearly whites just got a whole lot more thrilling. These Oral-B compatible replacement brush heads are like a shot of espresso for your electric toothbrush, jolting it back to life with fresh bristles and that just-out-of-the-box clean feeling. Like a secret agent, these brush heads look like any ordinary caps for your handle, but snap them on and they’re primed to give plaque and stains the slip. No matter if you’re an Oral-B veteran or just joining the club, these compatible brush heads will have you flashing a bright smile in no time. Compatible with all Oral-B rechargeable toothbrush handles, from the classic to the high-tech, these replacement brush heads keep your trusty toothbrush in tip-top shape so you can maintain dentist-approved cleanliness between visits. Small but mighty, these Oral-B compatible heroes deserve a spot in every bathroom cabinet. Your teeth and your wallet will thank you.