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Percol Organic Ground Coffee - 200g

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We now have a range of Percol freshly ground coffee for use with your cafetiere or filter except, unlike most brands, this is in fully home compostable or recyclable paper.  Percol have a plan to be a completely plastic free company and with being climate neutral as well we are really happy to be stocking their coffee.

As well as being completely free of plastic the coffee is organic and handpicked, 100% fairtrade and freshly roasted in the UK.

We stock 4 varieties:

Rich Americano

Rich, strength 4 ground coffee from Central and South America with warm notes of milk chocolate and walnut. 


A strength 3 decaffeinated coffee made from South American Arabica beans with a smooth and malty taste.

Bold Peruvian

A bold Arabica bean coffee using beans from Peru that is strength 5 with punchy and delicious notes of pecan.

Smooth Colombian

A Colombian Arabica bean, strength 3 coffee with a balanced and rich taste that has notes of berries.