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Root Vegetable Scrubber | Green Alternatives
Root Vegetable Scrubber | Green Alternatives

Root Vegetable Scrubber

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Why waste precious time and energy scrubbing potatoes and carrots when you can grab a LoofCo Root Vegetable Scrubber and get them clean in half the time? The unique LoofCo Root Vegetable Scrubber cleans and makes veggies and potatoes easier to slice and dice. Each LoofCo Root Vegetable Scrubber is handcrafted. Perfect for everyday use, this scrubber is a must-have for any kitchen.

  • Gently cleanse and flexible.
  • Expands and softens in water.
  • Scrub away dirt without wasting all your time and energy.

This vegetable scrubber is a great alternative to a plastic brush. Once the scrubber is wet it will soften and can wrap around vegetables to offer more control meaning it will make for a quick and easy clean without flicking muddy water around the sink area!

As this is 100% made from loofah and cotton it is home compostable when it does reach the end of it's life.

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