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metal reindeer christmas decoration
metal snowman christmas decoration
metal father christmas decoration
wooden reindeer christmas decoration
welcome reindeer christmas decoration

Standing Christmas Decorations

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We have a good mix of free standing decorations to go on any surface that needs a bit more Christmas:

  • Rocking Reindeer - This red rocking 'horse' style decoration is made with metal and a couple of small bells on it's tail and front. 12.5cm high and 12cm long
  • Snowman - Made of metal and with a spring inside the body makes this wobble when pushed.  The base is wood, the figure is 12cm from base to top of hat.
  • Father Christmas - Dressed in green with a red hat, similar style as the snowman being all metal with wooden base and internal spring. 13cm high
  • Wooden Reindeer - Wooden reindeer with bell hanging around neck, 20.5cm from base to top of antlers.
  • Welcome Reindeer - Small reindeer face on half cross section of log with red welcome lettering.  7cm from base to top of antlers