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Eco Living Wooden Chopping Board | Green Alternatives

Eco Living Wooden Chopping Board

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  • Eco Living Wooden Chopping Board: sustainable and practical
  • Crafted from gorgeous and seasoned Acacia hardwood
  • Durable solid construction built to last a lifetime
  • This cutting board was crafted in the EU from sustainably sourced

A perfect addition to any kitchen, these sustainable beechwood chopping boards are thick, sturdy, and ideal for all your shopping needs! Made from gorgeous and seasoned Acacia hardwood. Known for its rich, dark colors and beautiful contrasting patterns. Cutting Boards are built of durable solid construction and are meant to last a lifetime. They're perfect for chopping meats, fruits, or vegetables on your countertop or in the sink due to their thickness. Wear-and-tear is minimized on both cutlery as well as the board itself giving more longevity to all your cutting tools which will stay sharper longer than other boards out there! This eco-friendly wooden chopping board is a durable and practical kitchen accessory. Beechwood is sourced from sustainable forests in Europe, where it's finished with food-safe polish to ensure each cutting board remains glossy and smooth. To clean, simply wash in warm soapy water--the perfect solution for those of us who have chosen to eliminate plastic from our lives!

Available in two handy sizes, 28 and 34 cm.

    Hand washes only.

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