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Daily Tip Challenge 2020 - April

If you missed of our social media posts then below are the eco tips posted out in April.  Follow us on @greenalternativesuk on Instagram or Facebook to get these daily.

1st In season foods Artichoke, Beetroot, Cabbage, Carrots, Chicory, New Potatoes, Kale, Morel Mushrooms, Parsnips, Radishes, Rhubarb, Rocket, Sorrel, Spinach, Spring Greens, Spring Onions, Watercress

2nd Pay bills on line/switch to online statements - Cuts out on paper and carbon footprint               

3rd Walk to work 

4th 8 Rs - Rethink - Do you need item? Is there a more eco alternative? What is the environmental impact?

5th Refuse - Plastic bags, paper bags, receipts, plastic straws, free plastic toys, balloons

6th Reduce - Car usage, buying new electronics, buying new clothes, air travel, meat and dairy consumption, single use items                                                         

7th Reuse - Wrapping paper, boxes and packaging, clothes, towels and bedding, jars, toothbrushes (for cleaning)

8th Refill - Cereals, beans, pulses, pasta and grains, nuts, tea and coffee, cleaning products...list goes on.

9th refurbish/repair - Whatever you can, look at YouTube videos, take to repair cafe, call in a specialist

10th Repurpose - Get creative, look at Etsy and see how you could save something from lanfill

11th recycle - As a last resort, opt for glass and metal packaging that can be recycled indefinitely.

12th Re-steep your tea leaves

13th Gaseous fruit - Keep apples, bananas and avocados separate from other produce

14th Palm oil products - Be aware of the numbers of products out there that contain it

15th Palm oil names - Be aware of the many names palm oil goes by

16th Ekoru - Search engine that removes plastic from the ocean with each search

17th Greenwashing techniques - Be mindful of packaging, many eco claims are made to mask other areas of the product/manufacturing process.

18th  English tourism week - Don’t fly, look at the holidays on offer within the UK

19th Snack n go range - Check out are range of washable sandwich and snack bags

20th Make your own glass cleaner  - 50ml of white wine vinegar with 950ml of water

21st Shaving soap - Swap from a shaving foam canister, just as effective and plastic free

23rd use orange peel to clean pans                          

24th Alternative gifts - Eco gift ideas - an online course, meaningful book you own, month's worth of organic produce, book a class together

25th Washable dishcloths - Look on our product pages for washable cloths that are also compostable                    

26th Food waste – eat left overs, make a food plan to incorporate them 

27th Foil recycling - Make sure you save it up so when you screw it up it's at least the size of a tennis ball to ensure the machine picks it up

28th Wrap half avocados in lettuce leaves to keep them fresh

29th Buy second hand where you can, may save something from lanfill

30th Try a non dairy milk like oat, requires far less water and has much smaller carbon footprint   

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