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Daily Tip Challenge 2020 - May

1st In season foods - Artichoke, Asparagus, Aubergine, Beetroot, Chicory, Chillies, Elderflowers, Lettuce, Marrow, New Potatoes, Peas, Peppers, Radishes, Rhubarb, Rocket, Samphire, Sorrel, Spinach, Spring Greens, Spring Onions, Strawberries, Watercress

2nd Steam your veggies and retain more of the natural nutrients. If you do boil, try using the leftover water as a tasty stock for soups. Or let it cool and use it to water plants 

3rd Use hole punch to make confetti out of leaves for weddings

4th Star Wars day – buy durable toys that will last years and be passed down.  You know the sort that are in the bin after a week!

5th Pinatex - Alternative to leather made from pineapple waste

6th Wash clothes with cooler water

7th How to preserve berries - soak in water and vinegar, dry thoroughly and add put in fridge.  This will kill the spores and fungus that causes the fur you see.

8th Buy cheap, buy twice - Look for products with lifetime of long guarantees

9th Toothbrush use 2 - Use with bicarb of soda to clean stains on clothes and trainers, revive grout between tiles, clean old jewelry, the dogs feet....

10th Chewing gum - many gums contain plastic, not the one on our website.

11th water saving week - Focus on crops that aren't as water-intensive like lima beans, corn, peanuts, quinoa, watermelon, radishes, spinach

12th Look for companies that are environmentally focused - Pavegen make walkways that actually generate electricity when you walk on them

13th Use APPs for diary and to do lists to reduce paper usage

14th Potato skins - don't compost them, put them in the oven and make a great evening snack         

15th Ignore the dates. Best-by, sell-by, and use-by are NOT expiration dates. There's no scientific way to predict the exact day something is going to expire so use your best judgement

16th Plants that bees like – lavender, bluebell, foxglove

17th Bamboo scrubbing brush instead of plastic    

18th Ditch the Kuerig and opt for a rubbish-free method like pour-over, french press, etc

19th Eat your ends and stems. Are you still throwing the tops of the carrots and carrot tops make a delicious pesto

20th Use old boot for bird house

21st Unsubscribe from emails to save carbon footprint of generating them and the servers to store them in your junk folders

22nd Time your gardening - Water outdoor plants in the early morning or at the end of the day to stop water immediately evaporating in sunlight and heat. Water the soil so that the liquid goes straight to the roots, where it’s needed

23rd  Use refillable leaning spays, we have the Ocean Saver range on our website

24th Clothes pegs - Plastic one get brittle and break after a few years, opt for bamboo or stainless steel - available on our website

25th Don't bin the leaves from cabbage and celery, turn in to  a nutritious soup

26th Plant spring onion ends on your windowsill and grow new onions

27th Say no to freebies - flyers, cheap toys, balloons, bags....

28th Electricity provider - switch to a tariff where renewable energy is used

29th Orange peel as repellent - Works on slugs, ants, mosquitoes and cats

30th Beeswax/vegan wraps instead of clingfilm.  We have a range on our website

31st Wash with a full load, cooler temperature and less of a spin to try and limit the amount of micro fibres shed in the washing machine.

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