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Stale Worth Keeping...

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Food Waste Action Week Sunday Tip
Stale Worth Keeping...
Uses for Stale Bread

Once your loaf of bread goes stale, it does not mean the end!

You can break it up in a food processor or even a cheese grater to create bread crumbs to use in your next recipe. Perfect for making a crispy coating for burgers, falafels and even topping a casserole or pasta bake to add an extra crunch. Freeze them in a Tupperware and use as you need!

For a tastier treat, you could make your stale bread into croutons to transform and soup of salad. Simply chop the bread into bite sized cubes, and fry in olive oil, salt and pepper. Add some mixed herbs or spices if you’re feeling adventurous!

To avoid stale bread altogether, and to keep your bread fresher for longer, I would recommend trying a plastic-free bread wrap. You can purchase one from the Green Alternatives website in the kitchen collection! The combination of plant-based wax, organic jojoba oil, natural pine resin with 100% cotton fabric allows our wraps to breath, making sure your bread stays fresher for longer. The wrap is big enough to wrap your favourite loaf, plastic-free, and once it starts to lose its waxiness, use a wax block (vegan and beeswax available to buy on the Green Alternatives website) to add more wax to the fabric! If the wrap begins to show serious signs of wear, then it can be put in your compost bin before you purchase a fresh one!

Take a look at our Eco Hints and Tips page throughout this week to see more daily advice for reducing your food waste. Make sure you are using #FoodWasteActionWeek and tagging @lfhw_uk in your social media posts to help spread the word and also any useful tips you have come up with to reduce your food waste!

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