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3 Eco-friendly Alternatives You Must Try

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Humans are killing the earth, as seen by the deterioration of our environment. Our ongoing use of fossil fuels, single-use plastic, and other resources has aided climate change, pollution, and global warming.

However, it isn't too late to make a positive difference. Being more environmentally conscious and replacing regularly used goods with eco-friendly alternatives could positively impact our world.

We want you to become part of the change. Therefore, here are our top 3 eco-friendly products that we recommend using day-to-day.

1.    Vegan Hand Soaps 

Soap is used regularly to remove germs and organisms from the surface of our hands. Though this greatly benefits our health, conventional antibacterial soaps might cause environmental issues.

Triclosan is a common component in soaps that claim to be "antibacterial." According to a 2010 study, modest amounts of this chemical remain active after sewage treatment plants. As a result, it finds its way back into our streams and other bodies of water. Though this may not appear a problem, Triclosan has been shown to interfere with algae's ability to complete photosynthesis - a process that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

Switching to vegan hand soaps can help. Our collection at Green Alternatives doesn't include Triclosan, other harmful phthalates, or parabens. This tiny product change can stop our water from getting affected by these chemicals, meaning our environment can thrive, produce oxygen, and remove carbon dioxide. 

2.    Stainless Steel Clothes Pegs 

When drying clothes, it's common to use plastic-made pegs. Though these are known to be stronger than wooden options, these pegs contain toxic chemicals like PhthalatesPolyvinyl chloride (PVC), and Bisphenol A (BPA). 

These chemicals are documented to cause adverse effects on our soils, waterways, and even ourselves. Additionally, because of their brittleness, they break easily and compound onto our forever-growing landfills. 

We can counteract these issues by using a stronger, less harmful material. A popular option is stainless steel pegs because they're rust-proof, durable, and last a lifetime. By swapping this product with eco-friendly alternatives, we can lower the number of chemicals that enter our environment and reduce landfill usage. 

3.    Plastic-free Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning products are used in all households. However, they contain masses of harmful chemicals and non-reusable packaging. Each of these can have harmful effects on our environment.

Because we must use these products to protect ourselves from germs and keep our homes tidy, you need to consider using eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Similar to the others mentioned on this list, using plastic-free and cleaning solutions that don't include harmful chemicals can significantly help our environment. 

A product we strongly urge our readers to start utilizing is Ocean Saver Rhubarb Coral, which is a plastic-free cleaning solution. Using this will enable you to clean your home and remove germs from surfaces without causing harsh adverse effects on our planet. 

Find More Eco-Friendly Alternatives 

At Green Alternatives, we're a small business driven by raising awareness and creating a positive impact on the environment by supplying the public with planet-friendly alternatives to everyday products. 

If you want to become more environmentally responsible, discover our huge arsenal of products specially designed to lower your impact on our precious planet. 


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