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Bamboo Lunch Boxes

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Are you still using a traditional plastic lunch box? Well, today, it’s time for a change. 

A bright, shiny, plastic food container can cause horrific side effects. Using them can release toxic chemicals like phthalates, PVS, and BPAs into the food stored in them, cause harmful side effects to our environment, and are brittle. 

Plastic is slowly killing us and our environment. 

But what’s the alternative? Well, bamboo lunchboxes are an excellent option. Let’s explain why: 

1.    Bamboo is a fast-growing material  

Bamboo is an extremely resilient plant. Bamboo may reach full maturity in 3-4 months, whereas typical trees might take 30+ years

Bamboo can grow three feet tall in one day when given ideal conditions, so you can practically see it grow before your eyes. Because of its naturally regenerating qualities, it is a very sustainable option for lunchboxes and many other products. 

2.    It’s considered “green steel” for its strength 

Because of its adaptability and strength in construction, bamboo has earned the nickname “green steel.” Bamboo offers incredible strength and longevity while staying light and portable.

As a result, Bamboo Tupperware-style storage boxes are ideal. While being a robust material, it doesn’t weigh you down during transportation

3.    The material is excellent for our environment 

Bamboo plantations offer huge environmental advantages because this very productive plant efficiently stores carbon.

When compared with pine, bamboo absorbs five times more carbon dioxide, which is why it’s said to function as a carbon sink. It also creates a lot of oxygen, up to 35% more than other plants and trees.

Furthermore, bamboo plants have deep ground roots, stabilising the soil. This implies it can help to stabilise and repair the ground, as well as prevent landslides. 

Including the above, bamboo has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal capabilities, making these excellent food containers. 

How can Green Alternatives help? 

At Green Alternatives, we’re a small business looking to make a big difference. We help reduce our environmental impact by providing consumers with affordable and easily assessable eco-friendly goods. 

Our bamboo lunches are another product we love to supply. It works perfectly for a birthday, Christmas, or personal gift, all while being environmentally responsible. 

Here are the bamboo food storages we offer

We offer a range of coloured bamboo lunch boxes that are extremely popular in different colours coral, blue, yellow and white. 

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