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Our 5 Favourite Summer Products


It took a long time, but summer 2021 has finally arrived! Check out our top 5 summer products to have an eco friendly summer this year:

1. Shade All-Natural Sun Cream

Plastic Free Sun Screen

Now that the sun is finally here, it is time to crack open the sun cream. It is virtually impossible to find a plastic free sun screen in the shops, but Shade’s All-Natural Sun Cream is here to help!

Made from 100% natural ingredients, not tested on animals, and with SPF 25, this sun cream ticks all the boxes.

2. Woodson Eco Friendly Fire Starter x 6

Plastic Free Fire Lighter

This year, it looks like we will be holding even more outdoor events, so it’s always handy to have everything you need for a BBQ for when the time arises. Did you know that a lot of fire starters contain plastic and chemicals which are harmful to wildlife and the planet when burned?

These eco fire starters are made only from sustainable wood and cardboard, with not a single chemical or plastic in sight! Made from completely compostable materials, you can relax guilt-free at your next summer BBQ!

3. Wheat Fibre Plates & Bowls Set x 40

Biodegradable Plates and Bowls

If you have your outdoor gathering of 30, you might need some disposable plates and bowls to help cater for everyone. Did you know that many paper plates and bowls have a plastic coating which makes them unrecyclable and unable to be composted?

Our wheat fibre plate and bowls are 100% compostable, unbleached and natural making them the perfect accompaniment for your next summer BBQ. Sturdy and strong, these plates can withstand hot and oily foods without bending or becoming soft like many paper plates out there. And don’t worry – these plates do not contain gluten, protein or allergen so safe for every guest!

Why not complete your set with a Birch Wood Cutlery Set or a pack of 5 Palm Leaf Serving Platters?

4. Driftwood Bird Feeder

Driftwood Bird Feeder

Sitting out in the garden but not enough birds visiting? This gorgeous driftwood bird feeder will attract a variety of birds, big and small! Simply hang in a quiet spot in a tree or hook from the handy string hanger, fill with bird seed and sit back in the summer sun to observe the wildlife. Made in Bali, Indonesia, providing Fair Trade employment to those in need.

Why not make the set by purchasing with our matching recycled Driftwood Bird House or Driftwood Insect / Bee Hotel?

5. Boc'n'Roll Reusable Sandwich Wrap / Table Mat

Reusable Sandwich Bag

Goodbye clingfilm! The Boc'n'Roll sandwich reusable sandwich wrap by Roll'eat is a perfect alternative to the single use plastic sandwich bag. We love how the wrap can be used to fit any sized sandwich or roll.

Want to double stack two rounds of sarnies? Eating a baguette today not a square sandwich? Want to wrap up fruit or other snacks? 

No worries, the wrap is big and versatile enough to fit the size of your lunch however large or small! Simply place your food item in the middle of the wrap, fold the edges around and use the handy Velcro fastener to secure. Once opened, the wrap cleverly doubles as a table mat making it the perfect lunch on the go accompaniment.  Once finished, wipe down with a wet cloth or pop in the washing machine on a cool wash and hang dry to use again and again. Ideal for taking on days out for picnics in the sun!

Why not buy a Snack'n'Go Reusable Sandwich Bag at the same time and save money? We are selling packs of Boc'n'Roll sandwich wraps and Snack'n'roll snack baggies in any combination of designs that you like! 



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