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Plastic Free July 2021

plastic free

With just 10%-15% of single use plastics recycled globally each year, the planet's plastic problem is only growing; damaging habitats, harming wildlife and estimated to produce 5%-10% of greenhouse gases by 2050 if nothing changes. 

Single use plastics are convenient and around us every day, making it hard to imagine life without them. But there are plastic free alternatives out there for most single use plastic items, it just take a little more effort to find them! Once you have, however, your habits will be changed for the better, and you can go about your daily life completely guilt-free! The most difficult step, is putting in the effort to make the changes and find alternatives, this is where Plastic Free July comes in...

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July is a campaign which started in Australia in 2011. Fast forward 10 years and it is now a worldwide movement which has inspired an estimated 326 million people in 177 different countries - could you be next?

The challenge, if you choose to accept, is to avoid single-use plastics for the whole month of July, and exercise your right to ‘choose to refuse’ plastics in your day-to-day life. In doing so, you will notice just how much plastic you consume daily, and will help you get into better habits by choosing plastic alternatives! One of the nicest things about this project, is we will all be in it together – sharing tips, and motivating each other.

How to get involved...

Throughout July, we at Green Alternatives will be posting a plastic free tip in our weekly blog to inspire and help you! In the meantime, here are a few resources to help you get started:

  • Register here to accept the challenge!
  • See tips for you, your community, your business and more here
  • Find events near you here
  • Create your own event here and make sure you post it here so everyone knows about it!
  • Read for inspiration here
  • Donate here to help support organisations around the world to take part in the challenge
  • Spread the word and get others involved by printing off these posters or tagging @plasticfreejuly on Instagram!

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