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Plastic Free July Tips: Bathroom

bathroom eco tips plastic free

Some easy tips and tricks for your plastic free bathroom...

1. Ditch the unnecessary plastic bottles for soap and shampoo bars

Such a simple swap like this can drastically reduce your plastic consumption! Instead of bottled soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioners, purchase solid bars which are free from plastic packaging. Solid soap and shampoo bars are often made from more natural ingredients and so are even better for your skin and hair as well as the planet. They also tend to last longer as they are easier to portion control, and so you end up getting more for your money! If you do prefer liquid soaps and shampoos, why not purchase a solid bar and just dilute with hot water in a shampoo or soap bottle?

Check out our Soap & Shampoo Collection for an array of natural, handmade solid soaps, shaving bars, shampoos and conditioners!

2. Give reusable or plastic free sanitary products a try

Menstrual products can be really bad for single use plastics, with unrecyclable wrapper and applicators. There are many types of eco menstrual products out there to suit any preference, from reusable and washable sanitary pads, reusable menstrual cups, and bamboo pads and tampon wrapped in plastic free packaging. Do some research and find the right products for you!

You can browse our selection of sanitary products here.

3. Swap your plastic loofah for a natural loofah

Plastic loofahs may be reusable but they shed micro plastics into our waterways, and will be around for hundreds of years to come when they reach the end of their life. Natural loofahs are made from the loofah plant which is in the cucumber plant family, and so are completely compostable when they reach the end of their life. Durable and long lasting, natural loofahs really are an excellent swap for your bathroom routine!

Purchase your natural loofah here.

4. Switch to plastic free dental care

Whilst bamboo toothbrushes are not completely plastic free, they are a great way to reduce you plastic consumption in the bathroom. When you need to move on to a new toothbrush, simply pull out the nylon bristles with a pair of pliers, dispose of the bristles in your general waste bin and put the bamboo handle in your garden waste bin for composting!

There are plenty of other plastic free dental products to explore such as solid toothpaste tablets, solid mouthwash tablets, silk dental floss and much more.

See our range of eco dental products here.

5. Use bamboo cotton buds

We all remember that photograph of a sea horse clinging on to a plastic cotton bud. Bamboo cotton buds are an easy way to help the situation with no noticeable difference to the product at all!

Our bamboo cotton buds are completely biodegradable and plastic free, check them out here.

6. Buy reusable make up wipes

Reusable make up wipes are a great way to save money and avoid plastic packaging. Simply apply your make up remover to your fabric make up round and use as normal, then instead of throwing in the bin, throw in your laundry basket and wash with your clothes to be used again and again!

Our handmade pack of 5 reusable make up pads is all you need to get you started, check them out here.

7. Purchase a plastic free razor

Plastic free steel safety razors or bamboo razors are an excellent alternative to disposable plastic ones. They last longer and are cheaper in the long run, only needing to change the blade instead of the whole razor when it becomes blunt. You can also purchase rather fancy safety razors which would make an excellent gift for you loved one for their next birthday!

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